An open letter to the Israeli embassador

Embassy of Israel
50 O’Connor Street
Ottawa,Ontario K1P 6L2

Dear Embassador Miriam Zim:

Let me preface my comments about the current situation in Gaza with three clear points:

I mean no hatred toward Jews or Israeli citizens;
I have no personal enmity towards you or your family;
I do not advocate the dissolution or destruction of Israel.

1.  I believe that in a misguided attempt to secure its borders, safety and global reputation as no country to trifle with, the state of Israel and IDF is killing Palestinian civilians.

2. I believe that, news reports notwithstanding, Israel is not trying to avoid civilian casualties in Gaza, and given the nature of the military actions and the size of the targets, it would be impossible to avoid them.

3. Israeli news media and their global supporters repeat the question, “What would you do if you were under fire from Hamas rockets in Ashkelon?”, but neglect to voice the corollary, “What would you do if you lived in Gaza?” The people who live there are trapped, starving and desperate, and are not likely to be negotiating in anything like good faith while they are being bombed, or turn into obedient minions afterwards.  The behaviour of the Israeli government and the IDF appears identical to activities for which persons in this century and the last have been tried for war crimes.

4.  I respectfully request that you ask your government to cease bombing Gaza.

5.  I respectfully request that you ask your government and military to cease activities (like ramming aid ships and bombing aid convoys), which prevent neutral third parties from providing aid to victims of Israeli shelling.

6.  It is my intention to boycott all products, cultural and material, produced in Israel or by Israeli citizens, until such time as a just solution is negotiated with the people living in Gaza. 

Israel’s current military actions in Gaza are not going to make Israel more secure.  For the sake of reason and self-preservation, I urge you to convey this message to your government.

With best wishes for your health and safety during your sojourn in Canada,

Allegra Sloman
Vancouver BC