Feetsball & biscotti

Normally I don’t watch, and I don’t care.  But the Eagles Cardinals game yesterday was awesome, and I think I’m in love with Larry Fitzgerald.  His play in the first half was enough to make watching football seem like a rational activity.  Then the Steelers won, but holy crap, it wasn’t nearly as fun a game and the injuries were pretty much continuous.

On another subject…Gosh, I miss all the fun. I have to wonder if ScaryClown had something to do with it.  And all the people who read this blog who’ve quit drinking are probably happy to be reminded of how stupid it all was.

With all the paper and crap put away, the acoustics in my room have changed.  It is very odd.

I am sad to report that my second zombie heart was a miserable failure.  It went into the oven okay, but sagged terribly and now looks…. Well, I’ll finish it anyway and post a pic, but  next time I’ll make the base bigger.  Let’s just say it’s a differently abled zombie heart.  We went to Michael’s and got more sculpey and paint and clayworking tools.  Jeff declared himself allergic to the Muzak, and I told him I was tempted to tell him he wasn’t the target audience (it was screechy girl stuff).  I also wanted to quote Katie K about the “all Jann Arden all the time” station here in Vancouver.  As in, she doesn’t like it.

Biscotti got cooked.

I also made spaghetti and meat balls – Keith even ate some. It was good to see him.

Otherwise I didn’t do much yesterday but I feel refreshed and rested… back to work!