Bloggoriffic Junk Drawer!

Fact is, I can’t talk about anything right now without either going to the whining place, the TMI place or the don’t have permission to talk about it place.  I mean, I’m doing okay, but there’s a lot going on under the hat, thanks.  I would like to thank Robof9 and ScaryClown and Patricia and Jarmo and Jeff and Tanya and Deb for their comments and support.

So, links instead of whining.

A delightfully disturbing picture. Make sure you look at the whole thing. Santa’s blood dripping axe has been truncated from this version of the picture.

Balletic death.

A visual representation of the stock market.

A huge collection of lifehack tips and traps.

The grammar of TV and film. So we have the correct language for our filmic discussions.

Ten rules for being human.

Dark humour for dark times. How it helps.

Who to blame for all this crap.

Measuring out my life, one Smoot at a time.