Okay, now that Jeff’s watched the last of the True Bloods for this season, I can ask the following questions of an uncaring universe.

What the hell is Sookie going to do when she meets Jessica (world’s most annoying teenaged vampire and made by Bill)?

What the hell is Bill going to do when Sookie finds out about Jessica (he already said sorry, but Sookie didn’t know what for…)?

Is that Lafayette’s corpse or unconscious body?  If his corpse, is it possible that he might be made and now be a vampire?  Who killed him if he’s dead?

If it isn’t Lafayette, is that Tara’s mum’s body and we’ve been faked out?  I doubt it because the writers pretty much play fair with the audience.

What kind of magickal creature is Maryann, where does she know Sam Merlotte from, why isn’t he warning Tara?  If she’s not a shifter, is she some kind of Celtic minor deity?  The pig is amazing, by the way.

Why the hell did Sam clean out his safe?  Where’s he going with the money, and why?  What other properties does he own in Bon Temps, and why? 

Anybody else find it kinda creepy that Sookie turned Bill over to face the daylight and Sam had to haul him inside (after getting his ribs kicked in!) so Bill didn’t fry?  We know that Sam’s a dog and therefore a loyal kinda guy, but this is taking self-sacrifice to interesting extremes.


What the hell is Jason Stackhouse doing in a church? Nothing good can come of this.

What plot twists is Terry Bellefleur being saved for?  He becomes increasingly important over the last two episodes, and has the single best line. “I don’t listen to politics anymore, I get a seizure.”

Is Detective Bellefleur going to smarten up?

Is Tara being hypnotized by Maryann?  Is Eggs an aspect of Maryann?  He sure talks like her!

Is Maryann more than one person at the same time? 

Was the pie eating dude not one of the greatest bit characters in the show so far? 

Is Mr. Skarsgard not awesome? I like Pam too, she’s SO matter of fact.

Was Amy a skanky and sociopathic ho or just a self-indulgent hippie chick?  We’ll never know, but that final scene was incredibly shot.

Was the guy who plays Jason deliberately cast because he looks like a hot young version of George W. Bush?  The resemblence is pretty funny…

Anybody else notice the one point in the show when the guy who plays Bill completely lost his accent?

Back to work

I only have three days of work and then another 4 days off. I will probably have forgotten how to turn my PC on this morning it’s been so long since I looked at one.

The cats (or cat) peed and pooed on my clothing and bedding in Jeff’s absence, but all is forgiven; Gizmo grabbed my hand with both paws the other day to convey it to his head in the international cat sign language of PET ME YOU THUMBED FOOL!  (THUMBED being two syllables, natch).  Also Eddie did the same thing he did the last time he was talking to Jeff on the phone, which is to nuzzle the phone and start purring.

It was so slushy yesterday, it was like being trapped in a tasteefreeze machine that had run out of food colouring, except, well, iccky brown.

Sarah Palin, can you see Russia from your house?

Polar Bear, Polar Bear, Go Away.

Dreams & food & rellies

I have a cloth cap to keep the snow offa me
I have a cloth cap to keep the snow offa me

I stopped writing about my dreams in my blog because I read it was one of the worst and most self indulgent things you can write about.  So when I tell you that last night I dreamed that my laptop caught fire, filk went mainstream (songbooks in chain bookstores?) and I met a True Blood cast member getting a humanitarian award for bloodrelated research, be assured it was an amazing experience.

Snow has turned to drizzle.

Biscotti – quite good biscotti – has been made.  Today I’ll make and freeze turkey à la king.

The back deck appears intact.

My distaste for alcohol continues.

The carrot salad Paul sent me home with in the magic bag of leftovers is so good I got up and had it for a midnight snack.  This is while there was Brie in the fridge, mind you, just to give you some basis for comparison.

Speaking of leftovers I think I’ll nuke up the leftover sweet potato with Brie on top.  I’m so suggestible.

Holy cow

Tony the landpeer just came over and told me to stay the hell off the back porch – the posts and the roof are buckling under the weight of the wet snow and he’s afraid I’ll get caught out there.  Now I’m wondering if I should move the bikes off the back deck but there’s no place to put them.  Also, what about the barbecue?


bwa ha ha…. more snow

The Dalai Jarmo looked at the forecasts a week ago and calmly said, “They are wrong.  It will stay cold until the 28th”.  So I am not surprised by this….

From Envrionment Canada

5 to 15 cm of snow can be expected today.

This is a warning that significant snowfall is expected or occurring in these regions. Monitor weather conditions..Listen for updated statements.

A frontal system approaching the coast will bring strong winds and a mixed bag of precipitation today through Saturday. Strong winds up to 90 km/h ahead of the warm front will prevail over the coastal sections of the central coast through this evening. Heavy snow has already been observed on the north coast although it will change to rain near noon. As the front moves southward snow is spreading to the Inner South coast. 5 to 10 cm of snow can be expected for metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, Sunshine Coast and East Vancouver Island. Snow will change to rain this evening as the warm front nears. Rain will become heavy tonight through Saturday for the Fraser Valley with up to 60 mm of rain expected. Snow will persist over Howe Sound tonight giving with near 15 cm accumulation before changing to rain Saturday morning. Over inland sections of Vancouver Island snow will change over to freezing rain this evening and finally to rain overnight as temperatures rise.