Fashion tip

I own the matching t-shirt.  I am amused that something that’s in my closet would show up on boingboing.

David JD called last night, long distance.  I told him he should meet Doug, who just moved to Toronto and will probably be looking for people to go to concerts with.  Me and my meddling.  It was good to hear his voice.

I am still very pleased with my haircut, but this morning I will subject it to the rigours of a washing and see what happens.

My current plan is to go to a folksinging event tonight.  We shall see.

Although I’m very bossy around my intimates, I’m pretty much a sheep when it comes to other people, and so it is with great happiness that I announce that I was assertive recently, and it kinda worked out to my benefit.  I didn’t think my vacation entitlement was set properly, so I looked into it.  To put it more concretely, my vacation balance for the rest of the year went from 88 to 144 hours.  I’ve had people tell me I should go after my previous balance.  I could. I’m not going to.  To get something annoying fixed so fast is great.  There was no dispute about who was right or how to fix it.  Anything else would be, especially considering the hours I’ve spent in the caf when I should have been upstairs working, just not appropriate.

Recently I have changed my work attitude so that I wander around less and spend only the allotted time in the cafeteria.  I still do wander around, but usually in the late afternoon and not so much.  Fewer massages :(.

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  1. Perhaps I should make a hoodie or t-shirt with Howard the Arboreal Septipus on it. Should that be SEPTOPUS?

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