Katie cut my hair

It looks great, and by a special act of my own brain and conscience, I am not posting a pic.

When last I was in Victoria we visited with Granny, and ate lunch in the family room at the Cedars, and then went back to her place where we visited some more and were given pieces of MY FAVORITE CHOCOLATE CAKE and I took a third of it home and had LITERALLY A WAFER THIN SLICE and I am now recollecting in tranquillity what made me nearly MURDER MY BROTHER AS HE SLEPT because he ate the rest of it no doubt thinking I’d already pigged out on it.

Of course I don’t want to murder him now, that’s why I’m being so calm about it.  Once I realized that all I had had to do was put a label on it saying half for you and half for me there was no way I could still be angry.  And besides, I’d just come through years of teenagers and their houseguests, what made me think any treats were sacrosanct?  I’d have had to hide it under my bed, and then I’D have eaten it all.

Eniwess, Katie cut Granny’s hair while we were there.  It looked great (as it berloody well should, the money we’ve spent on it, like her insane amounts of effort have meant nothing) and triggered many compliments.  And every time she got a compliment she could beam proudly and announce that her great granddaughter had cut her hair.  I know that this is not exactly what most people think of when they think of the benefits of old age, but I’m sure Granny wouldn’t trade her haircut for a gold ring right now.

I just had a funny idea for a corner of this site.  Make a link called “Naked pictures of me” and each week change what the words that were on the page would say.  For example.  “Be careful who you complain to about this.” “They were here last week.” “You have now been here long enough for me to check your IP address.”  “Fancy meeting you here.”  “My coworkers never cease to amaze me.” “Due to technical difficulties, we are unable to bring you the previously scheduled programming.” “Some people will believe anything.”  “Sorry, you’re going to have to follow me home if you want to see me naked.” “Sorry.” “See you at Wreck Beach.”  “I didn’t know you cared.” “Now you don’t know which is worse, that you clicked on the link in the first place, or that you’re disappointed there’s nothing here.”

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