All I can think about is coffee….

So I will go nuke myself some.

I’ve noticed, following up on some of the stories of gangland shootings, that two of the most recent shootings were within blocks of where I live.  The sad fact is that gang activities are pretty much happening throughout the lower mainland.  There are times I worry about being shot by accident and then I have to remind myself that statistically I’m more likely to break my ankle in a drunken fall or get mangled in a car accident.  It’s odd how the threat of random violence somehow seems more likely than the usual things people get injured by.

This paragraph of whining about my physical ailments deleted.

I’m feeling pretty bleak, but at the same time I’m making some progress at work on some of the issues that were really bugging me.

I want to make cinnamon buns again, but there’s no more cinnamon.

Miss Margot is trying to kill Jeff’s houseplants.   Then she gave a sanguinary demonstration of how little she enjoys having her claws clipped.

Watched most of the NCAA championship last night.  The Tarheels sure are a good team.

I am really looking forward to three days off.  And now that I have hot coffee, I feel better.

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4 thoughts on “All I can think about is coffee….”

  1. Re: paragraph #2: The number of Canadian solders killed in Afghanistan in total is about the same as the number of people killed every day on Canada’s highways, mostly involving alcohol. The families grieve no less…One could put together a long list of similar facts to generate a sense of proportion. But it all comes down to an N of one. Odds are interesting but remote until you’re IT, then it’s 100%.

  2. Re: The gangland shootings: I think that all of the known gang members in bc should be rounded up and forced to take marksmanship training. That way they would be much more likely to kill one another, which is a good thing, and much less likely to kill innocent bystanders, which is also a good thing. Hence a win/win situation.

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