Happy Easter everybody


In no particular order:

Jeff is off in the wilds of Victoria; there’s a housefilk in two weeks at Tom and Peggy’s; Keith stayed over Friday night and left late yesterday and how good it was to have him; I’ve got the living room set up like a recording studio; Miss Margot is getting better at staying clean when she visits the loo; the pollen count is so high, despite the rain, that I feel like my brain is swollen; I’m cooking dinner tonight for the folks, which means at some point I have to haul off in this digusting rain and go to the Costco for a hunk of beast; I have a new homily to deliver May 3rd, subject, gardens (I imagine I will be ably assisted in this endeavour by mOm); and for the first time in a couple of months I have cream for coffee at home, thanks to Keith, and I find I’m really enjoying it.

On the to do list today, mando and guitar practice. Writing down lyrics.  Finishing at least one song.

Miss Margot is eviscerating the kitchen rugs again.  Poor things, they will be shreads by the time she is done with them.  Her appetite is such that both Gizmo and Eddie have lost weight in the competition to stay nourished. Her belly is quite big.  I know Persians have a tendency to get stout being bred to sit around and look pretty like expensive odalisques, so I am considering how to keep the fat off her without starving the boys and I must admit it is a puzzle.  It’s not like I can take her for a walk, she’s not that kind of animal….

Keith has noticed that she doesn’t seem to see quite like other cats.  Her coordination and depth perception are good, but there seem to be chunks in her visual field that don’t work.   As a result she swivels her head like an owl, which she already rather resembles, and it’s either offputting or quite charming.

I was supposed to go to the camp this weekend but the weather is far too crappy and the commute would four hours out of this precious weekend.

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4 thoughts on “Happy Easter everybody”

  1. I don’t suppose cats have a regular feeding schedule like dogs do. We provide food twice a day in measured quantity. Both dogs are provided different quantity and type of food and weighed each time we pick up food, etc. at the vets (whereby quantities can be adjusted if need be). When Nolan (Jenn’s dog) is home, we make sure Sumer and Winnie get there food by standing over Nolan or physically separting them at feeding times if necessary. Nolan would happily devour everybody’s food if we let her.

  2. Gizmo is eating so little that he’s seriously thin now. He’s repulsed by the kitten. Eddie is able to eat around her now, which is good, because he took a lot of weight off as well.

  3. Maybe you could provide a less competitive environment for Gizmo’s meals by putting him/her in a separate room for feeding? This way you would also see how much Gizmo is actually eating.

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