3 thoughts on “This is unbelievable news for Middle East peace!”

  1. Perhaps this is a case of life imitating art. In the 6th season of West Wing, the fictional president pushed and insisted and pressured and argued for exactly this to happen.

  2. For a long time now the Israeli tail has been wagging he US dog when it comes to Middle East policy, when it’s clearly not in America’s best interest to be permanently at odds with most of the region. Perhaps the most disappointing aspect of the first months of the Obama administration has been how, after lots of “change” rhetoric, foreign policy hasn’t really broken with the past in any significant way. Yes, it’s been noticeably less ham-fisted, but doing the wrong thing more capably is not necessarily an improvement. This inclination to rein in the rightwing crazies in Israel is welcome, if true, but the timing is unfortunate, what with the loonies just having secured control of the asylum. Lest we forget, Israel is a nuclear power, and the Israelis are used to intermittent tough talk from Washington, followed by the US always backing their play come crunch time.

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