Veratect is reporting the first case of swine flu in BC

But the BCCDC is saying jack sh*t. There are definitely cases in Canada being reported by those who are recently returned from Mexico.

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6 thoughts on “Veratect is reporting the first case of swine flu in BC”

  1. Yeah, I’m finding it interesting that except for that poor bastard in Cornwall – who has since made a complete recovery – nobody in Canada is getting really sick. I am wondering why the difference. I think it’s possible that all the people who get flu shots every year in Canada are providing some small herd immunity effect. Of course the Dalai Jarmo just got back from Mexico – hopefully he didn’t bring back any viral hitchhikers. He went swimming in a cenote, the lucky dog, and sent me pics, too.

  2. Apparently most of the deaths have occurred in mexico city which has an air quality roughly equivalent to living in the caldera of an active volcano.

  3. No kiddums. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the cause of the differential in the medical outcomes.

  4. re: flu vaccine. Watching news in southern Ontario I saw a mexican newspaper headline which stated that the flu vaccine is not effective (in spanish, those words were not spoken in english on the broadcast). Air quality may indeed have something to do with it. This is a ‘new’ recombinant strain, which the vaccine theoretically would not have the power to overcome.

  5. I’m thinking everything from personal hygeine (hand washing, etc.) to food preparation standards is higher in Canada, but I like Allegra’s “small herd” theory. I can’t imagine poor air quality would help the Mexican population very much either. I like to think the flu shots I receive each year have some kind of additive effect and that “partial” protection might be provided when a new virus comes along.

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