almost there

I almost, and I mean almost got to the end of the song I wrote for John’s memorial service (which will be played at the housefilk afterwards, not the memorial, because the memorial is not about me) but I didn’t make it and cried buckets.  So did we all, it was pretty drippy.

I have located John’s black silk shirt with neon frogs – there must be a hundred pics of him wearing it at conventions – and Juliana has very sweetly offered to part with it.  The dragon I embroidered for him has vanished.  I am saddened, but not devastated.  I’ll just have to do another one, and better.  I am thinking of getting a memorial tattoo for John, but the more I work on the design the more ludicrous it gets.   A gryphon – his totem animal, which is perfect, because it’s imaginary – with a guitar slung over its back and a black rose in its mouth?  eh.  erm.

Home made Chinese food at the House of Tom and Peggy, and Joe ripped cd’s of John’s only extant music – until we find more – and it’s raining and I hate my hormones and I should quit typing and go to sleep.  The little girl is resting next to me right now with a quizzical expression.  So tired.  So wired.  So much to do and not much month to do it in.

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  1. I’d been considering a tattoo too. A sparkly My Little Pony with a tire iron on its butt with “Keep on Trucking” in a scroll around it.

    Okay, no, a tiny dandelion seed with his initials.

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