Kopper has a laugh

Kopper went to TO recently for a whirlwind weekend with one of her daughters.  Got together with Tammy for part of an evening, which makes me very happy, and shared this delicious bit of oops with me:  Mayday was playing on the cabin entertainment. She also got to ride in a limo and stay in a very nice hotel… best Mother’s Day in years I imagine. I liked my geeky Mom’s day just fine.

I have finally gotten a proper night of sleep but I am still messed up from crying off and on for the last two days.  My eyes feel gritty and my head feels like sensate bathroom tissue.

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  1. Mayday, for those interested, is an excellent TV show which analyzes plane crashes, with computer animated and live-action re-enactments. Highly recommended for those who don’t plan to fly any time soon.

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