Still feeling fog-eyed

Last night I dreamed I was in a very weird, muddy, tunnelled location. While I was there somebody- I think Katie – brought me the news that Margot had been run over. I remember feeling – nothing.  Jeff and I tramped through some mud as we discussed how this would make Gizmo and Eddie very happy not to have to put up with her any more.

When I woke up I thought how glad I am that my nightmares are so low key, because in real life I’d be flinging myself around like a thwarted three year old.

Margot and Gizmo are not quite to the point where they are twining their tails together when they are campaigning for food, but it’s pretty close.  Gizmo puts up with all kinds of crap from Margot.  I’ll see if I can get video, because it’s really very charming.