A more than satisfactory day.

In the morning, started a pot roast.  Puttered for the rest of the morning.  In the afternoon shopped (a big, necessary shop) with Jeff and put everything away, which is a pain when you’re buying bulky stuff.  Then went to interview Dennis.  That was absolutely wonderful and I enjoyed every minute of it, and I did appreciate the chance to catch up with Mary as well.  I think she’s looking very well, but she said she was feeling a bit off colour.  I recorded the interview and am looking forward to the transcription.  Because I am clinically insane, obviously.

Then I got up to the old office and talked to Mohammad.  He’s all happy because his wife’s sister came last week after they hadn’t seen each other in aeons, like, 30 years, so there must have been a rapturous family reunion.

And then I came home, watched a really strange Simpson’s episode, a good chunk of Monday Night Football (New England in New Orleans, and the New England guys font dur ce soir, b’en sur.)

Everything I had on my list today I got done, including mailing a thank you card to my grandmother (finally). And I got some sun on my face, always a blessing at the bag end of the year.

Now, sleepy byes.  All I’m missing is someone to snuggle with and life would be a Maxfield Parrish dream, except I’d have something softer than all those damned rocks to snuggle up on.

Gender ender fender bender

Not much connection between the post title and the post.  Not really.  But what is going on with male fertility?  Is every sperm sacred?

Consider the following article on Herbivore Men from Japan.

And this article about bisphenol A.

And this one from 2006 in Japan.

And this one from Madsci.org from the last century.

And this one from India, which says sure there may be an identifiable decline in male fertility but there are issues with the sampling.

Here’s the wikipedia article, which contains the gem “testicular or penile insults” which is referring to physical damage, not “You d!ck, you n~tsack.”

The point I am trying to get to is that I believe it is possible that there is something up with estrogen like compounds and male fertility and hormonally driven changes in male behaviour, but I can’t prove it and I don’t know how I would.