My meeting with Serge the composer went great but he wants me to refine what the hell it is I really want to accomplish while he’s teaching me music, so I am going to think about that and get back to him.  We both like Hans Zimmer and James Horner, no surprise.  He was amazingly generous and collaborative in the hour and a half I spent with him, and he taught me two important things about scoring for films which I had not really understood before.

Serge is on the 144 bus line, which also goes to SFU, and then I had lunch at the old office and said hi to folks.  Then I went to Surrey and got stood up by my date.  I didn’t mind, I had wireless and drank a latte.  And some guy chatted me up on the way out, can you believe it?  Anyway, I hope dude is okay, and that it was just a communication snag… there’s no sense complaining about somebody’s behaviour until you have an explanation, and for all I know his neighbour’s dogs savaged him.

Speaking of which, I was walking back to the house (my bike has two flat tires) with $50 of meat yesterday and I ran into a loose pitbull.  Man, for one brief second I was terrified, and then I realized from the animal’s body language that it had no intention of coming near me whether I had ten pounds of pork chops, stew beef and bratwurst on me, or not.

All of my bus connections today were zippity.  Very nice.

Jeff reminded me that I was supposed to get the cats dry food today, and I forgot.

Busy day

Today I am going to go and see a music teacher who lives close by to see if I can take lessons; then I’m going up to my old workplace for lunch; then I’m going to Surrey for a while, and then I should be home for supper.  This is the most I’ve been on transit since the fireworks last summer.

Last night Tom and Peggy and Paul and Keith came over for broiled pork chop, cauliflower and home made cheese sauce, salad, cole slaw, corn and garlic bread.  Dessert was fresh fruit and pecan torte. It was all nommers.  Then we sang and played for a while.

I light a candle for everybody killed and injured at Fort Hood yesterday.   I am sure there will be an uptick in attacks on furrin brown people as a consequence.  I light a candle for the man who thought he could made a contribution to world peace by slaughtering his fellow soldiers.  It’s just so grisly, and so wrong.