Not a productive day

Yesterday turned into DOWN TIME. I hung out with Katie and Keith; Katie did some very much needed body work on me; I avoided cooking anything (I’ve gone off cooking, which is kinda odd), did a little desultory cleaning and vacuuming, but mostly I loafed and lazed and watched BSG.

I also looked at stamps from 1888.  I looked at part of Granny’s collection, and wow, the aviation themed stamps alone are wild.  But the American postage due stamp from 1888 immediately made me go to the Story Place.

I have swithered over the decision not to go downtown for the afternoon, and I think that I want to be consistent about it.  I have avoided personally taking part in any of the real time Olympic stuff, or going downtown for the duration, and I can’t see changing that.  I could have watched the torch go by at work, and I was a real pill in telling people why I didn’t want to go.  It isn’t just laziness.  It’s a personal distaste for large drunken crowds hemmed in by the largest police presence in Vancouver since the riot at the Hyatt.  So I guess I’ll miss all of the Olympic spark and I guess I may live to regret it, but I doubt it.

I light a candle for all sufferers of depression.

I’m not even going to make a list for today.  I’m just going to be very happy to be alive, do some singing, watch a trifling, unimportant hockey game and get to church.   I laughed like a drain when I saw the minister mention that since church starts at the ungodly hour of 9:30, nobody has the excuse not to come to church because of the gold medal hockey game.  Finland got the bronze.