1. I learned that Margot fur is unbelievably flammable.  On a suggestion from Paul, I took some of her combed out fur and fired it up on the deck.  I expected it to self extinguish and it went up like an Olympic torch.  Just to prove how gloriously overbred and candidly fireplug stupid she is, Margot nosed the dying embers.  GAAA!  As you can imagine, I watched the lighting of the chalice candle for the growth meeting last night with some small anxiety.
  2. It was a very good meeting last night, and I’m glad I could host even if my house was a mess.  As I remarked to the folks, I started a full time job the same day my Granny died, so the place was clean enough to hold a meeting in but not up to spec for tidiness.
  3. Jeff and Paul will be renting a truck to fetch the last of Granny’s things on Friday.
  4. Keith interviewed for and got a part time job starting March 1st.  He will continue to work with Ted on weekends.
  5. Katie is still not working, but if I responded to boredom by getting facial piercings, however attractive, I might be making myself harder to employ as well.
  6. We’re working our way through BSG again.
  7. Work is good, except for some software bobbles.vv