Jeff and I bought a couch yesterday.  The couch in the media room is actually a loveseat which has seen better days, so we are going to arrange things so that 5 people can comfortably sit downstairs to watch the tube.  The couch should be delivered today.  Shopping at IKEA yesterday was nothing short of grisly, and I had to be stroppy to the server when he gave me the wrong paperwork for the delivery.  I wasn’t very stroppy, but I asked him if he’d recently considered another job.

I need to finish writing out some recipes for a church fundraiser.

Jeff will be renting a truck to get the rest of the furniture and boxes from Granny’s apartment.

The dryer quit.  It being CNY it’s not likely that anything much will happen around the replacement until mid next week, but at least the land peer knows about it.  I wish I had more clean clothes, but I should be able to get through the week if I iron some stuff.

I made very nice chocolate chip cookies yesterday, also bacon and eggs, also a roast beast with veg.  Now I have to make the kitchen look like none of these activities happened.

I am heading off to church in a couple of hours.