Saturday science links

Neutrophil chases down a bacterium and ingests it… in realtime.

Thought provoking article about human evolution.

Different set of nerves involved in fibromyalgia?

Other fibromyalgia research.

The ISS is nearly complete.

Initial results from the LHC.

How much biodiversity in one cubic foot?  It depends.

If gays don’t breed why is gayness in the gene pool?

Say we for a better marriage.

Lead is the culprit in ADD?

The second shift begins

All the domestic stuff I didn’t do this week I gotta do now.  I am not expecting unemployed people to be sympathetic.

Jeff’s off to Victoria to assist pOp in watching the Super Bowl.  He doesn’t actually need help, but what’s a Super Bowl game without somebody watching it with you who can chaff you over your lack of appreciation for what turns out to be a good call…. let the yellow flags fly.

I made an inukshuk out of Margot’s fur.  A week’s worth of fur combed from her expensive carcase makes quite an Olympic themed mass of agony for somebody with fear of cats or cat allergy.

Despite everything, I feel very content, and the new coffee from church (my church deals drugs, hallelujah) is very yummy.  Now to borrow or rent a car to do a whole bunch of stuff I need a vehicle for, once I figure out when I’m supposed to do the crap on the list.