The Griffon song is coming along nicely

It’s a backstory song.  Griffons go back to pre-Hellenic times, but where did they come from?  Well, since it’s a lion on the ass end and an eagle on the front end (with tufty lion ears) , but has four feet (claws front, paws back) obviously there’s some seeeerious miscegenation goin’ on.  A lion and an eagle did the wild thang, but why?  How?  and what happened to the baby?  And what did the parents say?  (Hint.  Lions okay with it “My family can never be too big!”  “Huh, never figured I’d have flying grandbabies!  Kewl!”  Eagles, not so much, which considering teen pregnancy eagle mom popped one bigass egg, is no surprise.  “It looks like prey.  Gonna eat it.”  “Throw it out of the nest and let the carrion crows have it!”  “Mom! Dad!  As soon as she’s fledged the lions will take her in, so just leave her alone!”) 

Also, and I have no idea WHY, but I’m working on yet another tune about Lady Godiva.

I have now sung the zombie song for Jeff, Keith, Paul and Tanya

and Tanya’s comment was RECORD IT AND SEND IT TO BATTERY.  So I wills, I wills.

Next up.  Griffons (with bonus Hippogriff reference).

After that, 10 more in a dozen song song cycle of mythical, undead, fictional and legendary creatures.





The Phoenix

Pegasus (which the filk awards are named after, so I’d best be careful) with bonus Bucephalus and unicorn references

The children of Loki (with bonus visit from the west coast ogress from First Nations Legends)

Mermaids (or are they?)

Argus (the dog who waited for Odysseus and died upon his return to Ithaca)


and either the Kraken or the Cadborosaurus.  I’m thinking Caddy.