Oh, grrreat.

Migraine sign this morning.  It’s probably from the nifty weather change.  (Last night, graupel mixed with sleet and punctuated by lightning as I came back from dropping Katie off (and thanks for the hairchop, girl!))

On a hunch, I went back and looked at the barometer for my Weekend of Crazy™and now I have something to else think about, because the barometer did leap and gambol like a spring lamb immediately prior to the wackiness.

I have never been able to get a thyroid diagnosis because the test results don’t support it.  However, just about everything that I’ve experienced in the last little while could be explained by thyroid problems, which occur in my family.  More interesting stuff to ponder I s’pose.  In the meantime, I need to get away from a computer screen, cause, like, that never helps, as I know from experience.

PS I wondered if this was a migraine when I heard about it.  Oh great, my tongue is going numb and I’m getting tingling and numbness in my fingers…..  This is going to be a helluva day.