Yes, Lionel, there is an Allegra

One of my lurkers is decrying my radio silence.

But…. since there are ‘the sexaay’ pics of, uh, various people, possibly, hidden someplace on my laptop, and because I haven’t backed it up in yonks, I have NO desire to have the border folks swoop down on the danged thing.  So I didn’t have my puter and I did not update while I was at Conflikt.  A full con report will get typed in here when I have found my notebook.

The last thing that happened to me before I left the States though… I’m sitting at the Denny’s in Burien, wondering how the fuck I managed to get turned around AGAIN  leaving Seatac, and some black dude with one of those outrageous black dude accents that you always think is A PUT ON until you hear it starts talking about while Denny’s is great, “there’s a better place” and I’m thinking, well, shit OF COURSE there’s a better place than Denny’s it’s probably ACROSS THE STREET, and then he starts talking up heaven and saying that he knows for a fact that Obama isn’t a Christian and that he’s admitted that he’s not a Christian publicly and that he’s trying to get God taken out of the pledge of allegiance.  SO MUCH FAIL.  In the first place, nobody should care about his religion if he’s competent, and no comments about his competence were made EXCEPT that there was a very strong feeling at the counter that he couldn’t be competent if he wasn’t in the Good Book’s good books.  And I’m thinking ARE BATS FUCKING BIRDS? Deuteronomy, fuckwit.  And yes, I could go on, to no good purpose.

DARWIN’S BUSHY BEARD.  I paid my bill and got the fuck out of there, I was actually afraid what would happen if I opened my fat and ignorant atheist mouth.  And that was how I spent my compassion dime yesterday.

I will also say that I had a conversation that may just have changed my life at the con.  And I was one of Dara’s minions during the power mandometal  “Sad Muppets” chorus.  It’s a song about felt with issues. Oh, yeah.  And I provided rehearsal space in my room (we made SO MUCH NO(I)SE!) and I was hoping to get called out, but nobody complained.

My concert went fine.

I was a filk wench!  I was very wenchy, and contributed to the fun and massages!

Saw lots of lovely folks, and I especially call out Creede and JeriLyn, Creede for playing “Some other planet” on banjo no less, and JeriLyn because she fell off the stage and broke Lark, her cello.  She will be fine but seconds later I was pressing all the cash I had into Jeff’s hand (her hubby) and within thirty minutes there was a huge collection taken for repairs.  Oh, and Betsy Tinney’s concert included an amazing song called Liberty Elephant me WANTS recording.

OH, and then, and then, FOR THE ECUMENUFILK it was ME and one teenaged boy, and we sang hymns to Cthulhu, because, hey, what else are you supposed to do when the Christians the con set the time apart for don’t show up?

More later, more or less.

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