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You know, I’m not going to talk much about Conflikt.  It was awesome, let’s leave it at that. I got demonstrations of everything that’s good and bad about my people, and you just gotta roll with it.  The Bad:  domestic breakup, but the good buried in that is that I sang “Invective” to all the appropriate people.  The Good: Lark the Cello took a spill after a concert.  And broke scrollwork.  How can that be good? After we made sure the owner was okay we took up an instant and enormous collection for her repair, and the cello got a filk to Mary Ellen Carter written for her.  There’s more than enough money to fix her and buy strings and upgrade the gigbag, and a competent luthier was instantly located, and beauty will continue to sing through her elegant wooden frame. My peeps, they are phenomenally amazing.

Last night just as I was leaving work Tom called and asked if I had dinner plans. Then he and Peggy invited me over for PRAWNS om nommm nommmm.  Then I had to scooch back to my place because Cindy came over for filking filking filking hot damm.  And I wasn’t expecting to have the Tom and Peggy show as well, but Tom shortly thereafter showed up with his guitar in his hand and Peggy showed up shortly after that after having dropped the Beanpie back at his folks’ place.  We wound it up around 10 – if John was still alive he just would have gone back to Cindy’s and kept singing.  But me, my pumpkin carriage was outside my bedroom door, honking.

Beanpie is so adorable!  he makes the same sounds Keith did at that age, but his voice is if anything even more musical.  He’s also mothering strong and very, very enthusiastic about food.  Like me!  Prawns, omg om nom.

And because I am  eployed, comfortably domiciled with my bro, and undeservedly lucky, we’re going out to brekky and making wit da flapjacks.


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