The People and Things That Make Me Happy





and bunches of other people, including raincoaster, vixy, greatdismal, simonpegg &  mOm and pOp

finding two new lines for a song, that when I put it all together, make a rhyme across the two verses, and which made me yell ALLEGRA YOU ARE A FUCKING GENIUS in the shower this morning, sorry Jeff

Blue Heron coffee from Saltspring OMG it is SO GOOD OM NOM NOM

Bacon and eggs for breakfast

Roads to drive on and a car to do it in (Ziva needed better gas and now she runs fine and the gas consumption has gone back to normal)

HOLIDAY PLANNING for April – I’m outta town from the 14th to the 23rd roughly.

Ditto for the end of August, when I go camping in the US with Katie

Passport renewals finally happening because Katie has been like a baby bird, “when we gonna when we gonna when we gonna MOMMMMM!?”

Me coming up with “Derp and the world derps with you.  Fap and you fap alone.” and putting it on facebook, haw.



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