My brain has gone birdsnesting already.

Work is interesting.  I backspaced over most of an email this morning that while righteous was, erm, inflammable, sent it, and received the benison of the account manager, who promptly asked me why I wasn’t running things. My response was that I am hysterical and of short attention span, but I thanked him for his kind words.

Saturday I clean, Sunday I church, Monday I take instruments to be set up, Tuesday I have to briefly stop in at work to get my new hall pass, Wed-Thurs I hope to visit me mOm and pOp, and Friday I fly to Toronto.  Monday I fly back.  In the middle I hang with Chipper and the Eastern contingent of filkfen (and I CAN HAZ SO MUCH NEW MATERIAL) and then Tuesday it’s back to work again.

Some restrictions apply, etc etc.

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