Prodrome turns into fullblown

Well.  That spacy feeling was actually prodrome.  I took sick (weakness and vertigo) around 9 pm and after bringing me a glass of water Cindy went home.   Hell of an evening for her. I staggered to bed.

15 minutes of vertigo accompanied by weird visuals (bright teal and navy blue geometric progressions and I think I would have appreciated them a lot more if the bed hadn’t been jerking around.)

5 minutes of physical symptoms which included feeling like the inside of my head was full of cicadas and that somebody was repeatedly lowering a heavy weight onto my stomach, and weird wobbly noises like the sensation of having water in your ear.

about five minutes of feeling tight in the chest, probably panic from all the weird new sensations.  Breathed through that.

Then I spent about five more minutes getting my head into a position where it wasn’t buzzing, as the buzzing came and went depending on how I rested my head on the pillow.

Then I fell asleep.

It was the weirdest migraine ever, probably triggered by the barometric hops of the last couple of days and relief of pressure from starting my holidays, also I sneezed about a million times yesterday.  I only had 1.5 beers and I suppose that could have contributed but I don’t think so.

I’ve had so many really weird migraines and in fact my neurologist characterized them as atypical that I think that’s what it was.  I also have the weird spacies like I get after an attack.

My grandmother was very subject to vertigo.  Vertigo really sucks.

Those cicadas, though.  Imagine that Peggy’s bowed bass sound is INSIDE your head.  That’s what it was like.  Most extraordinary sensation.

So I am okay, and once more amazed that my brain can completely detach from consensus reality and go on its own little journey!  Also, I got to sell my car.

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