First person we ran into was Catherine, and then Shirley, and then Phil, and then, and then, and it’s been so lovely.  Chipper is saying “So many redheads…. ” which is making me laugh, because, yes, fandom DOES have a disproportionate number of redheads, both DNA and bottle varieties.

Breakfast was oatmeal in a crockpot (courtesy of Catherine, who’s volunteering for the con) and delicious coffee in the consuite.  We talked about house construction (good and bad), earthquakes, how screwed up the building code is in Chicago, what NOT to do in disaster situations (and there was much amusement) and in general everything has been either amusing or très mellow. Fans are just the most awesome people.  I’m not saying Chipper is being blown away at how welcoming they are, but I suspect she’s pleasantly surprised.

Today Tamalicious is coming to the hotel (right after Kathy Mar‘s concert) and we’ll catch up and tomorrow I get to see DJD for the first time since, uh, that would be the last time I went to Toronto.  If that’s five years ago, and apparently so, then shame on me.

I want to give the entire universe a hug, but I think it would take too long.


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