Google Play

I know all you high tech folks will roll your eyes, but it blows my mind I can go to Google Play on my laptop, pick out apps to try, have it confirmed that they will work on my model of phone, and then they can push to my phone in seconds through the wifi.  And just as fast as I try the little suckers, they come off my phone, usually, but the drum rudiments app is proving useful, even as the music notation app is not.  For example, Angry Birds is off.  Each time the advertisements blocked my ability to destroy those verdammten schweine I died a little, and off it came – although now I know what all the fuss has been about.  So far I’ve been sticking with free apps, anybody got any tips for a good paid app? I’m looking for utilities, music apps, productivity apps and anything you’ve found useful.  I can recommend gStrings Free, it’s as good as any tuner I ever paid for and quite sensitive.