I will never have as much fun as these two dogs

Rowf rowf rowf POP.

And in keeping with the canine theme this morning, check out these puppies interacting with an iPad.

SSSSSophisticated SSSSSSSSnake is sssssssssssuave.

Links good as of August 2020

Yesterday I ground through some work for church, ran the dishwasher and made cinnamon buns and put a roast in the fridge to thaw. Minister got back to me and wants to hear the song on Sunday.  Made an appointment with the bookkeeper.  I’ll be making an appointment with the dentist and the eye doc today, I can no longer stand how horrid my teeth and glasses are.

I am completely disgusted with the Mentalist.  Castle got its mojo back as soon as it ditched the arc.   I’m pretty burned out on NCIS although Mark Harmon is never hard to look at.  Treme is as amazing as it ever was.