Brendan Nagle sez

And I quote (from fb this am).

Five-hundred more layoffs at Quebecorpse. At what point will a commentator inside the accredited news-media tent call themselves out for the empty shell in which they now toil? Thousands of news-gatherers/fact-verifiers have been flushed from accredited news-media outlets (print and broadcast) across the “free” world, yet those few left inside try to uphold the notion of business as usual. It’s not. It’s brutal. The stuff is either stale or woefully void of information relevant to the man/woman on the street. The people at the helm are scared sh*tless and do all they can to homogenize their stuff so as not to p*ss off what few ad buyers are left. When those main ad buyers are various levels of government and their private-enterprise partners — you get the idea. And now spin tanks like the Fraser Institute are spamming overwrought editors with free sh*t that isn’t journalism as much as it is spin, but is residing in the page placements where journalism belongs. That and social media, with its unverified “facts” and photoshopped pictures to buttress whatever cause, are now considered news. Un. Fkn. Believable. Stay low and keep moving.
(he works in the media biz).