The good and the bad

The bad first – the bookkeeper hasn’t responded to my requests and that means I’ll be standing in front of everybody at church tomorrow with no backup information, just the budget for next year.

Fortunately, I am very relaxed about it.  It will be embarrassing, but so what?  I’ve sh*t myself in public, that was worse.  Also, in retrospect, an extremely funny story.  Actually, twice now, once in the Parliament buildings.  I mean, that’s funny in and of itself.

The good – saw Robof9 and Liz last night with Paul for dinner out in Langley. OH IT WAS SO GOOD TO SEE THEM.  I miss Rob, he’s still as much of a card as ever.  We talked a little about Paul’s biz idea but mostly visited.

More bad – there was a f*cking coyote IN THE YARD last night.  I was having an intense convo with Paul about his biz idea in the car, sitting in the driveway, and when I saw the coyote I screeched “The CATS” and booked it into the house to check in on them, all okay thanks for asking.