Look at these sloths

Look at them!

So I am 54 years old today.  I’ve already been up for two hours; I made turkey swossage and eggs and toast and coffee and chocolate chip cookies for brekkie.

Today I will practice musical instruments, clean things and go out and eat in a restaurant.  Also watch some TV.

Tammy’s dad has been sent home from the hospital with terminal cancer.  I am very anxious for Tammy’s mother, who has had a horrible time (there have been other family meshugas which I dasn’t speak of), and anxious obviously for Tammy, because her life was already up around the load line before her dad got sick.

Spent the day with Katie yesterday.  She took home $400 of supplies from Costco yesterday.  Now she owes me money, which I don’t imagine I’ll ever see, but given that I’ve gone over to her place half a dozen times now and there hasn’t been anything but mustard, pickles and mayo in the fridge, making sure they had a decent supply of sugar and rice and burritos seemed like a good thing.  Boyfriend is working and Katie is still enjoying living with him, partly because there aren’t any banned subjects of conversation.  I like him because Katie is either the world’s bestest faker or she’s genuinely happy… except for work.  Working with older people means they die, a lot, and Katie’s getting burnt out on that.

Speaking of old, did I mention my decrepitude?  Fifty-four.  I can hear my parents making sepulchral groans about how that’s nothing.

Talked to Carrie on the phone the other day.  There have been so many earthquakes in Masset that she’s freaking out and wanting to get the hell off the island.  Haida Gwaii is great until you realize you live 35 feet above sea level in a tsunami zone.  She was also VERY VERY unimpressed at how white people in trucks drove past little old Haida ladies on scooters when the Tsunami warning went off.  Yuppers, if you want to see the best and worst of people, hang out in a war/disaster zone.

Everybody have a lovely day!!!