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So five years ago I was too fat and unfit to flirt with (this was SAID, not IMPLIED), but today I am not.  I will never understand men if I live to be 100.  If the flirting turns into asking me out, I’ma about lose my mind, and of course politely say no. You sure as hell can’t unring that bell.

I enjoyed the job interview yesterday.  They certainly conducted it with dispatch – I was in and out of there in 25 minutes.

I am going to get a little PC to handle PC type stuff for church.  I don’t want to get a virtual machine on my Mac, given that it and its hard drive is quite old and Apple has already told me to go fuck myself if I want to replace it, okay maybe not those words but “This is so old, why don’t you get a new one” were literally what the fixit man said when I was having troubles with the DVD player.

Made refrigerator cookies yesterday.  It’s almost four in the morning and I’m thinking of getting up and slapping some into the oven.


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