Oh well

It takes an adult to admit a mistake, and okay, I made one.  I said something without thinking to a customer that wasn’t the customer’s business, and Katie let me know how angry she is.  And still is.  Katie and I after much discussion are going to sell the cafe.  Wish us luck in selling it!

I am obviously quite miserable.  I’ve spent so much time and money getting the place up to snuff, and one would think that it’s foolish to bail without giving it a chance, but Katie has indicated that she’s no longer interested and I know in my heart I cannot work six days a week for the next six months until I can give myself a break at Christmas.  Maybe Chipper can work that hard for a season, but I know I can’t.

Miserable or not, I have to face facts, and they are plain and unequivocal.  I’ll be meeting a potential buyer this afternoon. I googled the buyer and they already ran a bakery on the Sunshine Coast, so they won’t be starting from scratch like we did.

I had a lot of hope.  Now I just have a lot of paperwork and a very heavy heart. When it’s done, and all wound up, I’ll start phase II of the ‘reinventing myself’ plan.


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