What I learned in June 2013

I learned that a car with no insurance, no driver, and the e-brake engaged can still hit your car if a garbage truck hits it and sends it into your car. I learned that just thinking about something sweet that the kids did for me when they were six years old can make me cry. I learned that raising children who voluntarily and out of their own pockets go visit their grandparents is one of the most poignant joys of parenthood because despite everything you did wrong you and your spouse did something ever so right. I learned that nothing sits in the guilty comforts zone like air conditioning. I learned that I have sleep apnea, and with no medical I’m in for a lovely and expensive treat. I learned that every time your children take on adult attitudes and roles you get hit three times; once HEY YOU’RE OLD MOM, twice HEY I LEARNED THIS EARLIER THAN YOU DID and HEY I AM A SEPARATE HUMAN FROM YOU. I learned that whenever your kids do something stupid you still blame yourself and that doesn’t seem to let up with time. I learned that I’d rather fix than replace anything. I learned that if I don’t cook with love it doesn’t turn out, and I shouldn’t cook if I’m not feeling the love. Which is how I learned that I’m still a dilettante when it comes to restaurant scale food production.

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Born when atmospheric carbon was 316 PPM. Settled on MST country since 1997. Parent, grandparent.

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