Deadlines and efficiencies

Apparently I’m driving the kids to the ferry on Saturday, which should come as welcome news to my mother.  Hopefully pOp will be feeling well enough to participate in the normal family routines with the kids.  I know Katie was quite concerned.  I won’t be going because the ordination of the minister this weekend, which I am thankfully having nothing to do with except showing up.  It’s a big deal, if you’re into that sort of thing.

I have had no fewer than three nibbles on the shop in the last 24 hours. It remains to be seen if anything will come of any of them.  I have to go into the shop for 11 am this morning for a showing.

If I haven’t sold the shop by October 26, I am going to start baking again at that location.  It will be hard but I have some plans to make it easier for myself.  Somewhat, anyway.  Two weeks out if it isn’t sold I’ll do all the stuff I’ve been avoiding thinking I’d be closing it down and I will have a list of sales calls to make the first week in the afternoon (bake in morning, sell in afternoon).  I also need to put together a list of marketing / packaging I’ll need to have done.  And of course pumpkin spice biscotti for Halloween.  I will have to come up with a recipe if one doesn’t already exist.

The dishwasher is purring away.  It leaks like a mofo, but differently each time and we have no clue what makes it leak.  I’ve been very good and keeping the dirty dishes cycling through so the kitchen has been staying cleaner.  You can even see all of the kitchen table right now, I think it’s been three months since that last happened.  I have to remember to invite people over for dinner!

Super disappointed with both Bones and Castle this year.  Flimsy writing and plodding acting BORING.  I am going to stop watching them, there’s too much else on that is better.

And now, to grind out a few words on Tarot for Atheists.




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