No walkies yesterday

I spent a fair amount of time at the shop cleaning and stooging about for tradesmen, but Ramey changed two lightbulbs without saying anything…. I think he was wondering if I was so clued out I wouldn’t notice.  I thanked him profusely.  The compressor on the walk in is working perfectly again.

Today I have a long list of things to do and I probably won’t get around to any of it.


Here is an interesting article about ‘the ring theory’ of kvetching.


A man, in all seriousness, offered me a thousand dollars for the cafe yesterday.  It’s really too bad.  After he made his crappy offer he stayed with his brother in law and wife and child, in the shop for another half hour.

I called him later and said I didn’t think it was possible to negotiate in good faith with him, so I cancelled the meeting with the landlord.  The landlord will not sign a lease with this guy until we have an agreement in place.  Which, candidly, isn’t going to happen.

And I walked 5 k yesterday.  I am good and sore in the feets department today, and there’s more coming…



Taking a break tomorrow

The landpeers are mowing the lawn – which tells you what kind of fall we’re having since the grass is still growing with unrelenting vigour; I saw a hummingbird yesterday morning – and I walked 5 k today.  My feet are singing FUCK YOU in four part discord and my back isn’t much better.  Physio entirely KICKED MY ASS and I am more sore in the shoulder than at any point since I broke it.  That’s it for physio for me… I can’t afford any more as that was a thousand bucks out of pocket or more sincerely mOm and pOp’s pocket.  Anyway I picked up some cables and a tea ball and something to put under Eddie’s dish.

I had brekkie with Katie.

No walking tomorrow, I am very glad to be mobile, and even more glad to be stationary for a while.


Now, some Burn Notice.  I am looking forward to some more instruction on the construction of explosive and incendiary devices.

I just walked 3.5 kilometres doing errands

I paid for Katie’s storage (and it’s great I won’t have to do that much longer), I mailed my application to be a busker at the post office, and I turned in my plates for my car insurance refund.  It isn’t much, but the last two days represent the first time money has come into the house that my fOlks didn’t give me in many moons. I did take the bus for 2.4 k up the hill from the insurance co to the storage co., but given how my feet are singing and how that is about a 300 foot elevation gain I am not really beating myself up over it.

I am now pleasantly weary and thinking about the next thing on my to do list.

And hoping it doesn’t actually involve, you know, standing up.


This is a very rude and funny commentary website on how top heavy webdesign is these days.

Ziva’s gone

Well, the experiment is over.  I am not any less broke, but I imagine I’ll smile when I get my refund later today.

As I sold her I said, “This is probably the last car I’ll ever own.”  It’s also the only car I’ll ever own; the Toyota my folks gave me in the lat eighties Paul put in his own name (and did I screech about that, as I recollect).

Church was rather thin gruel yesterday.  I know that the Oneness people have views compatible with some UU’s but I find their theology to be … well… mushy.  My theology starts with science and ends with all the stuff we don’t know.  God can go live in that part of the human world.  All the stuff we know exists that we can’t prove, like goodness and love. We are all connected and blessings are nice but I want to do something about the disconnects and fight racism.

And in selling Ziva, become a better environmentalist, since she’s going to get her oil leaks fixed, finally.  They’ll have to pull the engine.

I have an unpleasant series of phone calls in front of me today, but you can’t have everything.

Fist bumps for health!

Apparently fist bumps are better epidemiologically.

Ziva is still unsold.  I will light a candle in church today.

Oh noes!  New show we’re watching is Burn Notice.  It’s like The Finder met MacGyver met a star who actually does have two black belts!  Bruce Campbell as the awesome buddy!  Gabrielle Anwar as the awesome crazy IRA chica! Jeffrey Donovan as a guy who can have crazy eyes and puppy dog eyes in a split second!  And they tell you how to make BOMBS IN EVERY EPISODE.  Happy.  Best of all they’ve aired the last episode, so we can watch the whole thing.

I didn’t go for a walk yesterday but I exercised HARD. My shoulder is still sore this morning.




walking every day

My healthy habits attempts continue, much assisted by the weather.  It is fricking gorgeous.  I am walking every day.  It’s going to hurt no matter what I do, so I may as well stay mobile.  I’m also ramping up my weight bearing exercises.  I can pretty much move my right arm where it’s supposed to go, with assistance, but the strength is lacking and so I’m spending a lot more time doing the physio exercises.

I stood in line for a long time today at a government agency, where I was served by a very nice young man after the tedious wait, and took a bus back from Metrotown.  In my continuing efforts to spoil Jeff rotten I picked up some croissants.  And cookies.

Dishwasher’s burbling away.

Katie is employed! She starts work today.  I am pleased. Now hopefully her brother will stop grinding her about looking for work; I don’t think he has a clue how hard it is out there right now.  I heard from an employment agency today, but I don’t expect much to come of it.

The $500 question

The responses I’ve gotten to the ads for Ziva are a panoply of:

  • people who don’t understand that a GT is a standard vehicle (yes, I changed the ad)
  • people who think that when I’m asking $500, they can show up with $180 cash, which is less than the government of BC will give me for it, and I’ll think they are doing me a favour
  • men using their girlfriends’ email addresses
  • people who think that I both know AND care exactly ‘what’s wrong’ with the car and how MUCH it will cost to fix and WHO GET UPSET when I do not share this info
  • people who do not know how to assemble anything resembling a coherent sentence or question
  • people who mock me for trying to sell a standard vehicle (yes, I know)
  • cheapskates, assholes, dingbats and users.


On the cafe front, some guy with a heavy accent keeps calling and asking detailed questions about the shop WHICH I CAN’T ANSWER BECAUSE I AM NOT THE LANDLORD.  I keep telling him to call Francis, and dood keeps calling me WHILE HE IS ON THE SKYTRAIN WITH THE LINE CUTTING OUT AND BACKGROUND NOISE LIKE CRAZY.  He keeps calling back STILL ON THE SKYTRAIN asking CAN I HEAR HIM NOW?  I hung up on him the last time because the line went all wibbly and I couldn’t hear a ****ING thing.

It’s not all bad. Katie has another interview today and she walked down with me to get my copy of the registration for the car, which I had mislaid.  And I’ll get a big whack of money back from ICBC for the refund on the insurance, which I am looking forward to.

Still loving Foyle’s War, mOm and pOp you should definitely watch it.

Now I have to go fill out some forms while I’m waiting for some guy to show up and buy the car.

Beautiful but windy

Katie’s all perky because various job interviews are going well. I am very happy about this and hope she finds work remunerative and suitable to her one goal right now, which is to be back in her own apartment.  I must say, it will be a cold day in hell before she supports another man.  Or so she says, I hope she carries through.

Foyle’s War on Netflix is a wonderful show, Jeff and I are very much enjoying it. No swearing, decorous violence, great dialogue, sweet vehicles, and history all wrapped up nicely with the superlative Michael Kitchen at the helm.  He is GORGEOUS but in a very low key Oh So English way.

Streptococcus salivarus, I salute you!  It is the probiotic that turned my bad into glad, digestion wise.

Mouse traps have yielded nothing; we are moving on to sticky traps today, damnit.

Practiced 45 minutes today.

Yesterday was gorgeous but WINDY.  As I contemplate the lawn, which has now grown tall and fallen over, I keep hoping the Goat Man will pass by.  But he never does.

Ziva’s in Craigslist, priced for quick sale.

The wit and wisdom of imaginary creatures


In this case, Raylan Givens.

I don’t feel very well so I’ll be sticking close to home today. Yesterday I went to physio and walked back with what felt like (and fell onto the ground.. twice..) 30 pounds of groceries.  But it was good to have fresh veggies and oddly nothing got broken or smashed.

I have learned my memory is crappy and I’m glad, I tell you.  But even people with good memories make stuff up.

A satisfactory day so far

Jeff helped me set mousetraps at the shop.  Sigh.  But he got breakfast, so that was good!

Dishwasher is running, Jeff is downstairs catching up on feetsball on the PVR.

I’m posting my resume every place I can think of.

Later on we’ll watch some more Foyle’s War, maybe I’ll go protest something, and I will definitely eat steak.  So a satisfactory day in prospect.