Things change

Apparently I am NOT driving the kids to the ferry, Jeff has volunteered as it works better logistically.

Oh god, I just figured out where something I thought I lost was.  I looked up and noticed it hiding between the slats in the upper bunk.  Haw.

I got dictation working on my Microsoft masheen!  Thank you Jeff for letting me know that it works; I am very impressed at it.  Saved me a bunch of money, you did. Still can’t make Thinking Rock talk to my Android phone, which is an incredible pain in the ass, but I’ll spare you all my first world reasoning.

That’s some good shit.

Lady Miss B found this online, and all I could think of was how fast I’d have my credit card out to buy it for John, were he still extant.

Sooner or later you’ll need one… why get an ugly one?

For those of you who enjoyed Despicable Me; fabric!



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