Rant and sing.

  • Rex Murphy – please quit talking about the First Peoples as if you had a clue; you’ve left both compassion and history mired in the mealy-mouthed racism of your latest screed. Link goes to cluelessness.   Oh and by the way, it’s a special left wing brand of racism to say those cop cars were burned by white plants of the RCMP; people who were there say otherwise and I’ve decided to believe them. Steal land, steal children, crush languages and cultural structures and see how cuddly and all ages appropriate the response will be. Let’s not forget they are fighting fracking in #Elsipogtog, for everyone!

    Practiced for an hour today… Jeff had to go out to wrangle backups for a customer so I sang loud and hard and got FINALLY FINALLY a verse together for the Game of Thrones song.
    When we were small no one could tell the two of us apart
    and I learned to fence and ride with all my soul and all my heart
    then I’m just a little older and my Da cares not a fig
    I’m tarted up and shown about just like a harvest pig
    And there’s more than one way forward, and there’s more than one way back
    and you can sit this one out if you haven’t got the stones
    I’ve always thought a good defense starts with a swift attack
    and that’s the way I play it when I play the Game of Thrones  (Obviously this is Cirsei’s verse).
    And now, time to do some chores.

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