16 things I wish for my birthday

  1. World Peace, I know, it’s a no brainer
  2. Brownies to assist with housework
  3. Somebody please buy the shop
  4. Forty pounds of ugly fat depart my body safely and slowly
  5. Okay fifty, but forty just sounds more reasonable and I did lose and keep off ten after I broke my shoulder
  6. I finally reduce the number of clothes I own to something manageable.
  7. and stop getting so attached to my clothes that I can’t recycle them.
  8. That fixing things was consistently cheaper than replacing them
  9. That fireworks could read your intentions and wouldn’t explode outside a house with timorous pets
  10. That my friends would take me to the Keg for dinner… never mind, they will on Saturday
  11. That Archie Panjabi gets her own show, as she is AWESOME. But only after The Good Wife arcs out
  12. Somebody please buy my car.  The shop says it is no longer repairable, so Ziva’s to the boneyard
  13. That I find a paying job soon.
  14. That somebody redo a hd version of Minds’ Eye
  15. That Katie find a good job soon
  16. That Iain M Banks hadn’t died so berloody young

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