Well that was odd

As soon as I finished the last post, this fell out.  Right after.


And Katrina knows about the barrel of clothes

And the man who was stolen for the hell-bound train

And the little girl who died, and the man who broke my nose

On a night when I had to wear my paint in the rain

Leave me be!  your tracts all belong in my past

And I’ll live my own life now, and make my own way

And if it seems to you that I live without a care

I’m waiting for the worst — it’s always waiting over there

I’ll light a cigarette and stand on my very own verandah

I’ll listen for the train, and I’ll think about him then.

I’ll think about him then.


That’s the missing bridge for Bootlegging Mary!!! I’ve been waiting freaking ages for that to happen, and it finally did!!!  It’s still rough, but I love it when it all comes out like that.  I am sure I’ll have to edit the hell out of it for singability.

Andrew Brechin remains among us, less corporeally, alas

He was ten years younger than me, a rotund Silenus who didn’t drink but a glass of mead once in a while, a champion of liberated lives, kink, glitter, poop, music, security, awesome food, Cthulhu, physics, cheesy sf, art, dancing for fun, wish fairies, lantern festivals, paganism, and above and around and in his shelter, his family, woven fine. I didn’t know him well, just well enough, god help me, to have a proper understanding of the devastation and resolve that has risen in the faces of those who loved him well. Tillie King, I salute you and your team for the simple, lovely, fun celebration of his life you all so carefully and lovingly breathed into being.

Any memorial service that has a zombie pirate belly dance in it is going to be, well, memorable.  As was he.


Intruder alert!

Video from the cat door at about 1am on October 31. Along with the alien cat intrusions, this explains why Eddie guards the cat door at night. The large object next to the door is not an albino Horta; it’s packing material from a TV box. Next step: install a motion-activated light outside the door.