I just walked 3.5 kilometres doing errands

I paid for Katie’s storage (and it’s great I won’t have to do that much longer), I mailed my application to be a busker at the post office, and I turned in my plates for my car insurance refund.  It isn’t much, but the last two days represent the first time money has come into the house that my fOlks didn’t give me in many moons. I did take the bus for 2.4 k up the hill from the insurance co to the storage co., but given how my feet are singing and how that is about a 300 foot elevation gain I am not really beating myself up over it.

I am now pleasantly weary and thinking about the next thing on my to do list.

And hoping it doesn’t actually involve, you know, standing up.


This is a very rude and funny commentary website on how top heavy webdesign is these days.

Ziva’s gone

Well, the experiment is over.  I am not any less broke, but I imagine I’ll smile when I get my refund later today.

As I sold her I said, “This is probably the last car I’ll ever own.”  It’s also the only car I’ll ever own; the Toyota my folks gave me in the lat eighties Paul put in his own name (and did I screech about that, as I recollect).

Church was rather thin gruel yesterday.  I know that the Oneness people have views compatible with some UU’s but I find their theology to be … well… mushy.  My theology starts with science and ends with all the stuff we don’t know.  God can go live in that part of the human world.  All the stuff we know exists that we can’t prove, like goodness and love. We are all connected and blessings are nice but I want to do something about the disconnects and fight racism.

And in selling Ziva, become a better environmentalist, since she’s going to get her oil leaks fixed, finally.  They’ll have to pull the engine.

I have an unpleasant series of phone calls in front of me today, but you can’t have everything.