The $500 question

The responses I’ve gotten to the ads for Ziva are a panoply of:

  • people who don’t understand that a GT is a standard vehicle (yes, I changed the ad)
  • people who think that when I’m asking $500, they can show up with $180 cash, which is less than the government of BC will give me for it, and I’ll think they are doing me a favour
  • men using their girlfriends’ email addresses
  • people who think that I both know AND care exactly ‘what’s wrong’ with the car and how MUCH it will cost to fix and WHO GET UPSET when I do not share this info
  • people who do not know how to assemble anything resembling a coherent sentence or question
  • people who mock me for trying to sell a standard vehicle (yes, I know)
  • cheapskates, assholes, dingbats and users.


On the cafe front, some guy with a heavy accent keeps calling and asking detailed questions about the shop WHICH I CAN’T ANSWER BECAUSE I AM NOT THE LANDLORD.  I keep telling him to call Francis, and dood keeps calling me WHILE HE IS ON THE SKYTRAIN WITH THE LINE CUTTING OUT AND BACKGROUND NOISE LIKE CRAZY.  He keeps calling back STILL ON THE SKYTRAIN asking CAN I HEAR HIM NOW?  I hung up on him the last time because the line went all wibbly and I couldn’t hear a ****ING thing.

It’s not all bad. Katie has another interview today and she walked down with me to get my copy of the registration for the car, which I had mislaid.  And I’ll get a big whack of money back from ICBC for the refund on the insurance, which I am looking forward to.

Still loving Foyle’s War, mOm and pOp you should definitely watch it.

Now I have to go fill out some forms while I’m waiting for some guy to show up and buy the car.

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