Back on the cpap

1.7 hours last night, and 200 words so far this morning.  Off to Sapperton days later this am. Hopefully I won’t expire of sunstroke or boredom.


596 total for the day.


Sue and I nearly fried, but I looked at her after we’d been there for 2 hours and said I bet you want me to bring your car around and she said o would you please when the time comes and I fetched it and there was much rejoicing since we didn’t get a serious conversation in three hours.  I’m reconsidering going to pride New west… It’ll be another frying day almost for sure.  I bought beer on the way back to the car, I had a thirst that could throw a frikkin’ shadow by the time I got home.

Church was the blessing of the animals, and of course the only animals there were dogs.  I lit a candle for a men’s group and a UU movie group.  The youth did a beautiful meditation and all in all it was very pleasant.