baby Alex

Oh, he was in SUCH a good mood yesterday, clambering up on me, playing with purse contents, cuddling and smiling his dear little face off.  Katie and I were feeling super low energy and even so she made me a home made beef and cheese burrito that was extremely nommy. We also watched some Dexter.

We hung out, she gave me prints of baby pix that she took to be developed, digital not making for good brag books, and I took slow motion video of him in his bouncy chair.  V. funny.  mOm you should have received a file to that effect.

Did a bit of shopping for veg and what not on the way home.

Watched Brink.  VERY GOOD.  Perfectly cast, with one liners that will make you spittake that smoothie and an extremely timely plot.  And likeable characters.  I know True Detective doesn’t specialize in likeable characters, but we’re kinda meh to iffy on continuing, although we probably will out of curiosity if nothing else.

I wrote maybe 100 words yesterday.  I fired off the edited back end of the first novel to Tammy – she will likely read it after she gets back from Portugal.

Huge coronal mass ejection yesterday and today. I should have checked for aurorae, but I wuz sawing logs.

I hope you all do something creative today.  I need to break something, and I think it’s a habit.

Our habit of exploration makes me happy.

The Girl Who Named Pluto.