Shut up and witness

I have filked a Mary Chapin Carpenter tune


Don’t mean to say that I am an ally, don’t mean to get ahead of where we are
Don’t mean to act a little racist around you, I’m just a little racist in my heart ’cause
It’s been awhile since I felt this feeling that everything in the news gives me
It’s been so long since somebody whispered
Shut up and witness

Didn’t expect to be in this position, didn’t expect to have to rise above
My reputation as a social critic, I’ve been a lazy lady about one love but
Oh the horror and the feelings that the  latest shooting  gives me
It’s been too long since yelled in my good ear
Shut up and witness

The salmon of wisdom

Mike fed me lunch and then we lazed on his balcony until he had to go off to his parents for supper.  It was salmon with fresh dill and garlic, store bought tater salad and a salad of my own concoction, being tomatoes, cucumber, cilantro, feta, green onions and tiny amounts of lemon juice and olive oil.  REALLY GOOD.  I had seconds and thirds of salmon, and spent the afternoon in a state of pleasant repletion, to quote James H. Schmitz.

Today is the last day of church before the summer break.  I won’t be going to the father’s day picnic afterward.  I may go to Wreck – it’s supposed to be another awesome day and I think my symphisis problem has died down to the point I can at least think about it.  Wreck on Solstice / National Aboriginal / Father’s Day is purty awesome.

Forty (ha) words yesterday.  I got a break from the screen, and that was good.