Pleasant day

Spent a good chunk of the day labouring on Sweep off the Waves and only managed 574 words.  Did a lot of editing – essentially re-read the entire manuscript as it stands right and every time I ran into something stupid (anything that slowed my reading to a crawl as I tried to work out what was happening) I’d fix it.  I wrote more wordywordwords than I removed, but it was disheartening to go into negative numbers for a while.

Messaged my editor about dropping off the rest of the manuscript for the first book early this morning, and it yet being hours ungodly have not had a response. If I can’t raise her I’ll find a post office and mail it to her while I’m here. (People are, after all, entitled to leave town on vacation and I didn’t call her first…)

After thrashing about on how I am supposed to write another 25-30K (minimum) it occurred to me that I could do another ‘media compendium’ chapter, I just need the narrative catch point…. a transcript for a special presentation on TV with the lovely Farah Jalali, or a blenderized Stand on Zanzibar style ‘this is how the aliens merge into pop culture’ core dump, or a ‘curated’ section in which a multimedia artist tries to assemble a collage, and the problems she encounters in so doing.  If I decided to do all three, I will NOT have a problem making that wordcount, but it will not be as much fun for mOm to read, so sorry mOm.

Raspberries and cream two mornings running for breakfast. Life is GOOOOD.