Are you Mary?

Instant mini housefilk at Cindy’s place; me and Paul and Cindy and Miss K for appreciative audience. SUCH A GOOD TIME. Also we gave blood then we ate Indian food and went to the Bloedel Conservatory and I got into a discussion with a parrot and then nearly passed out from being down a pint and Paul sat with me for the 20 minutes it took for me to recover… all this happened before the housefilk. Feeling fine now but tired obvs, it was quite a day. Funny story… go to give blood at the Oak St Clinic, gal at reception asks “are you Mary?” which I hear as Are You Married, and I say no we’re divorced. So now on top of everything else I need to get my hearing checked.


400 words

Thank you Jeff for coming to get me. It was a tough ride back with the congestion.

Got caught up on all the shows except Ray Donovan.

Paul took me for a walk around 8; when we got back from the Quay (I avoided buying beer, yay me) Margot recognized the sound of Paul’s car and came out to greet him, which he took as a compliment.

I have a strong feeling I should not write today, but look after some other stuff.  This is going to be an emotionally difficult weekend upcoming.  I have a memorial service and a party to go to on the 25th and a sauna party to go to on the 26th.

Coffee, here I come.