The bliss of a perfect summer day

I went to IKEA yesterday with Mike; we met up there with Jarmo and Susanna and Ville.  His hair is as satisfyingly rotund as I remember it – like a scale model light brown version of Phineas – and that is more than enough for me to say on the subject.

Then Mike purchased blackout curtains and I purchased what seemed like a good deal in plastic containers, plus another IKEA bag to take it home in.  Hey, they come in handy for laundry.

We sat on the deck and looked at the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter and drank beer and he went home.

Today Paul came over around 1:30 and we walked in the shady part of Oakalla.  Everything is dry and still and creepy – leaves crashing off the trees.  The only critters were a tiny flash of a great blue heron, a cute little butterfly, a couple of towhees, and a russet thrush up in the trees trilling.

He accompanied me on a shopping trip so I loaded up on veggies.  Now I’m waiting to hear from Keith to see if he’s saved us a seat at the pub at the Quay in New West where we can watch the fireworks.  I know from twitter that the fireworks barge is already there.

If he can’t reserve us a seat, and who knows what will happen, I’m thinking I borrow that stool of Jeff’s and grab a blanket and then I can sit wheresoever I please.

Wrote yesterday but can’t remember the count, 497 words so far today.  It was so pleasant to watch the word count tip over 50,000.  Only 40,000 to go. Writing today has been infill and closing chapters for further addition.  Sometimes I feel very penny dreadful in the way I have to always be throwing something new and potentially scary at the reader, and then very nursery-sloppy about how I try to soothe the reader after the scare.  I’ve tried hard to give my lead character’s language a jarring, neo-Victorian feel.  And that’s way more than I should talk about because that all sounds like I’m taking it seriously.  I do, but it’s supposed to be fun and I’m trying to write it that way.  I think I have vast reservoirs of fun in me, but difficult of access at times.

I feel very blessed to be among my friends and family.

I should probably go chop vegetables and what not.

May you all have a good Canada Day, and I salute the First Nations of this land, without whose continued stewardship, under such duress, we could not be as we are.