a very partial list

A very partial list of what you can do after five six Muslims were shot dead at the CCIQ in Québec:

Tell Kellie Leitch to **** off and die for her disingenuously offering thoughts and prayers ‘regarding the situation in Quebec’ — carefully not mentioning it was Muslims getting shot. She’s one of the most persistently wretched and nasty Islamophobes currently seeking to lead the Conservative Party, and although I defended her when she got doxxed, I’d cheerfully pie her at this point.

Support charities doing the hard work on the ground getting Muslim refugees resettled.

Send individual letters of support to local mosques. Phone calls are great too but a letter is more substantial.

Go to the facebook page of a local mosque and offer a message of support.

Tell your Muslim neighbours and coworkers that you will not be quiet when Islamophobic comments are made in your vicinity. Ask them what they want to hear allies say, to strengthen your resolve and calm your nerves about saying the right thing. If speaking out was easy more people would do it. Don’t let that stop you.

When their site is secure -it’s behaving quite oddly at the moment – donate to the CCIQ dot org as they will need funds to restore their sanctuary. Keep an eye out for news on the mosque well after the news cycle expires; there may be charities which spring up for those affected, and the horror of this shooting will continue to be part of the community for years to come.

And you know what? It doesn’t matter what the religion is of the felons.  What matters is that the violence enables those who hate Muslims and darkies and immigrants.

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